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Prospective students can begin regular classes at any time, are welcome to drop in to observe a class first, and may choose to sign up for an Intro Course/Workshop if they would like to try us out before committing. To learn more about our classes, visit the classes page.

All classes are currently for students 16+ years of age.

Intro Course & Workshops

AWMA runs regular, 3-week Intro Courses covering the basics of each of the primary systems we teach. Every Intro Course is comprised of the following workshops, which can be purchased together or individually.

This is an excellent choice if you:

Intro Workshops & Courses typically occur on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and are announced via email, Facebook & Instagram (@atxacademyofwma).

Making a Course or Workshop purchase puts you in the queue for our next available workshop/course. AWMA will reach out directly to confirm all registrations.

All classes are currently for students 16+ years of age.

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Weekly Classes, Foundations & Elite

Our weekly Foundations classes teach one- and two-handed swordsmanship, as well as medieval wrestling and dagger. Expect an awesome full-body workout, active study of historical technique, and high-intensity drilling to pressure-test class material.

Classes are designed to welcome any student at any time, regardless of skill or experience.

Foundations Memberships include:

Elite Memberships include all of the above, plus:

Registering for classes below grants students instant class access. AWMA will reach out directly to confirm all registrations. If you have questions before registration, contact us here.

All classes are currently for students 16+ years of age.

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For those interested in class punch cards, please contact us here.

Corporate Events - Contact Us

If you’re looking for a fun, unique way to bring your team together, AWMA offers customizable, one-off events designed to provide a fun, group-oriented environment.

Just send us a message if your company is interested in making swordsmanship part of its next awesome event!

Community Engagement - Contact Us

Our school loves sharing what we do with our local community. Using history, martial arts and amazing presentations, we bring the medieval and renaissance to life in a way that can awe children, inspire teens, and remind adults that their childhood dreams may not be so far off.

Contact us if your event, school, library, club, or other organization would like to schedule one or more demonstrations!

Stage Choreography, Writing & Animation Consulting - Contact Us

If you have an upcoming production, are working on a novel, producing an animated film, or making a video game that includes sword fighting, we can help! AWMA can provide expert guidance on fencing terminology & movement, as well as fight choreography with historical realism.

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There are currently no special events available to sign up for.